7 Types Of Ads That You Should Know

With so many types of ads, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your business. The answer often depends on your objectives. Businesses have different goals they want to achieve by advertising their products or services.

Advertising can help you drive sales and awareness, increase website traffic or build brand recognition among potential customers. With that in mind, here is a list of the most common types of ads and how they can help you achieve your advertising goals.

Banner ads

A banner ad is a graphical advertisement that pops up on a webpage. A banner ad can appear at the top or bottom of a page or along the side. Banner ads are one of the oldest forms of online advertising, and they remain a useful and cost-effective way to promote a product or service.

Why use banner ads?

Banner ads are a great way to increase brand awareness, and they can help you generate leads. Banner ads are also relatively cheap and easy to create, making them a great option for startups and small businesses looking to spend their advertising dollars wisely.

How to create effective banner ads?

The biggest mistake businesses make with banner ads is not testing the design. You want your banner ad to get noticed, but it can be easy to create an ad so attention-grabbing that people click away from your ad in disgust.

What are the alternatives to banner ads?

Banner ads are not as widely used as they once were, with consumers now having grown accustomed to blocking these ads. Banner ads also aren’t very effective for direct response campaigns, as most people don’t actively search for products and services by clicking on banner ads.

Blogger outreach

Blogging is one of the most reliable ways to generate traffic, leads, and sales for your business. However, if your content isn’t getting any traction, it’s probably because you haven’t promoted it.

Nowadays, only a small percentage of bloggers will share your content after writing it. To get the most out of your blog posts, you need to drive traffic to them. You can do this by reaching out to other bloggers and asking them to share your posts. This is known as blogger outreach.

Why use blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach is an excellent way to promote your content and drive traffic to your website. You can easily find websites related to your niche that accept guest posts and reach out to bloggers to ask if they would be willing to share your content.

How do blogger outreach?

To do blogger outreach, start by finding blogs in your niche that accept guest posts. You can use various search engines to find this information or use a tool like Buzzsumo to narrow down results and find top-ranking blogs.

What are the alternatives to blogger outreach?

It is also possible to reach out to websites directly and ask them to share your posts. You can do this via email and include a link to your post.

Digital advertising

Digital advertising refers to advertisements that appear on websites, apps, mobile devices, and other online media. This can include things like banner ads, ads in search engine results, and social media ads.

A wide variety of advertisers use digital advertising, including retailers, service providers, casinos, and financial institutions.

Why use digital advertising?

Digital ad networks have become incredibly popular in recent years, and for a good reason. Digital advertisements are inexpensive, highly targeted, and extremely easy to set up and manage.

How to do digital advertising?

There are many options for digital advertising, including networks like Google Adwords and social media platforms like Facebook Ads. You can create ad campaigns for these networks and learn how to optimize them over time.

What are the alternatives to digital advertising?

Traditional forms of advertising, like television and radio, have fallen out of favor in recent years. These forms of advertising are highly expensive and difficult to target.

Display ads

Display ads are full-page advertisements designed to capture your attention and encourage you to click.

You might see full-page display ads on websites or mobile apps. Display ads work best when you have a really targeted message, such as a promotion or exclusive deal.

Why use display ads?

Display ads are extremely easy to create and manage while still offering high-level targeting. This makes display ads a good fit for advertisers who have a small budget but need to reach a large audience.

How to create effective display ads?

To create effective display ads, you’ll first need to choose your marketing objectives for the campaign. Next, you’ll need to create a compelling message that relates to these objectives.

What are the alternatives to display ads?

Display ads are best for advertisers who want to reach a large, general audience. This means that this type of ad is a poor fit for B2B businesses, which often want to reach a smaller group of specific individuals.

Email Advertising

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate sales and improve customer engagement. This type of campaign lets you deliver messages to readers who have subscribed to your email list.

You can also use email marketing to send ads to potential customers, who can click through to your website and make a purchase.

Why use email advertising?

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive sales and build your email list, which is crucial for virtually every online business. Plus, email marketing is relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of digital marketing.

How to create effective email ads?

When creating email ads, you should remember that readers expect these emails to be sales-oriented. Always include a clear call to action and a link to your website where readers can make a purchase.

What are the alternatives to email ads?

Email marketing is also incredibly easy to scale, making it an excellent option for large companies with lots of customers. Email campaigns are easy to create, and you can send new ads to your subscribers on a regular basis.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are a form of digital advertising that enables you to target potential customers based on their interests. These ads are cost-effective and easy to set up. You can create your ad campaign by selecting the type of ad you want to run, including text, images, or video.

Why use Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are a great way to get your ads in front of new customers and increase brand awareness. You can choose which audiences to target and create highly-targeted ads.

How to create effective Facebook ads?

When creating Facebook ads, you’ll need to decide on your marketing objectives. After that, figure out what message you want to convey to potential customers and create an ad that resonates with this audience.

What are the alternatives to Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. If you’re just starting out with digital advertising, Facebook ads are a great option.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a popular platform for advertisers who want to show ads on Google-owned sites and apps. It has a huge network of sites that your ads can appear on. The best part about this network is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Why use Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is one of the most popular advertising networks out there. If you want to get your ads in front of lots of people and are willing to spend a decent amount of money, AdWords is a good option.

How to create effective Google AdWords ads?

To create effective Google AdWords ads, you’ll first need to decide which keywords you want to target. After that, you can write compelling ads and select which ones will show up on Google search results and other sites that are part of the network.

What are the alternatives to Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an excellent option if you want to show your ads on Google-owned sites and apps. However, if you want to show your ads on a wide variety of websites, there are other networks you can use.


In this article, we’ve covered the basics of creating effective ads and how to optimize your campaign. We also looked at some of the other options that you can use to show your ads on sites and apps.