Women Business Headshot Preparation – 5 Expert Tips

Women are often concerned about what they should wear for their women business headshot. And we all know that what you wear for your business headshot is so essential because it greatly influences the first impression to your prospective employers.

That’s why we’ve put up a list of short recommendations to help you prepare and leave your women business headshot photo session with new corporate photographs you’ll love. Keep reading to find useful tips about what you should wear on your headshot session!

#1: Clean Up Your Make Up And Keep It Simple

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Although it’s not technically fashion advice, getting ready for your shot should include proper grooming. Be sure to use minimal makeup as if you were going to a job interview. During the session, you can always apply more makeup if you choose to go for a couple of different looks.

Here is some advice to follow prior to your business headshot session:

  • To avoid black bags under your eyes, make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before your shoot.
  • Make sure to moisturize your skin twice a day in the days before your shoot. Ideally, you should moisturize your skin every day. 
  • A new haircut is always a good idea. And it never hurts to freshen up before the shooting starts quickly. Don’t be embarrassed to ask your photographer for a few minutes to check things in a mirror before the session starts.
  • Remember to drink plenty of water in the days before your headshot session.

#2: Don’t Let Your Clothes Steal the Show

What you wear during your headshot session indeed plays a significant role in making the first impression. However, research has shown that other elements, such as your body language, eye contact, and smile, even matter more.

If you hire a professional portrait photographer to shoot your new corporate portrait, they will know exactly how to lead and direct you during the session. They will make sure your body language, eye contact, and smile express a confident, amiable, and approachable vibe. It boils down to this: treat your clothes as your support. They are there to make you look better not be main act.

#3: Dress As Though You Are the Person You Want to Be

Your new photos represent a significant step in becoming the person you want to be. I know that sounds a little philosophical. But let me explain: say you’re unhappy at your job and have decided you want to attract stronger and better possibilities. You’ve realized that adding stunning headshots to your professional internet accounts would give your ideal employers confidence that you’re the right person for the position.

We recommend dressing like the type of person who obtains the job possibilities you desire. Dress like a Senior Manager if you want to be promoted to that position. Dressing as though you were going to a job interview with your desired employers is another way to say it.

#4: Remember to Iron Before Women Business Headshot

Before the shoot, please make sure your clothing is perfectly ironed and pressed. A picture won’t hide the wrinkles no matter what the myth says. It is advisable to change your clothes once you get to the studio. This will minimize unwanted creases that can occur when you go to the studio wearing your business attire.

#5: Bring These Items to Create a Variety of Styles

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A business casual look generally works best for most people. But remember to always dress accordingly depending on your dream job role. You should be aware if your dream job requires you to dress formally or more casually.


We recommend taking a suit jacket or two if this is something you regularly wear. You should also get a range of tops (boat neck, crew neck, or narrow v-necks), smart pants, and shoes for a women’s business casual style. A stylish sweatshirt can also be worn. We may design a variety of outfits with these essentials, ranging from casual to professional.

Unless you want to flaunt your arms, try to stay away from blouses with short sleeves or sleeveless tops, low necklines, turtlenecks, and flashy materials.


Remember to try on your clothes a week ahead of time to see how they feel and fit. The most flattering outfits are always those that are well-fitted. You should avoid anything too baggy or too tight. And you may always shoot images on your phone ahead of time to check how they look or ask for a piece of honest advice from a friend.


Plain solid-color clothing works best in general. Patterns can be distracting because we want the focus of the portrait to be on your face, not the clothes. The same goes for logos: steer clear of anything with a large, distracting logo.

In general, plain solid, color clothes work best, as patterns can be a distraction (remember that we want the focus of the portrait to be on your face, not the clothes). The same rule applies to logos: stay away from anything that has a noticeable logo.


Keeping things simple is best when it comes to jewelry. If wearing big jewelry is a part of your characteristic style, bring it with you so your photographer can show you how it will appear in the picture. However, simple jewelry might give a nice touch or burst of color to your business portrait.

Stud earrings photograph better than drop earrings. Another expert tip: remove everything from your pockets before the photography. Don’t let your professional photo shows a phone bulging out of your pocket. 

We advise bringing several items in various colors so that the photographer can assist you in selecting the one that complements the rest of your attire and the surroundings the best. Make sure you feel good in everything you wear. If you’re uncomfortable wearing it, chances are the photo will be unpleasant as well.


Generally speaking, we advise keeping the colors darker than your skin tone because it keeps the focus on your face. Bring alternatives in those colors if you know which color palette works best for you, or try shades that bring out your eye color and flatter your skin tone. Rich colors might be excellent selections for women to make their corporate photos stand out.

Pure black and pure white tops should be avoided. But if white is a color you want to wear, it can work when paired with a jacket of a different colored selection.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that this women business headshot guide has made it easier for you to get ready for your corporate headshot session. A good attitude is the most vital component to bring to your headshot session because it boosts everyone’s appearance.