Guide To Women Business Casual Shoes

The Best Shoes for Women’s Business Casual Attire

A quick reminder to spend some time decluttering your shoe collection and adding some amazing women business casual shoes to it. For the past few years, my go-to work shoe has been a Frye leather flat with a pointy toe. Although the shoes are adorable, the style has become dated now.

When I returned to work after maternity leave with my kid, my shoe game appeared to be worse than ever. I finally sought to combine a number of different shoe designs that would complement my personality and office appearance.

Making a good first impression of the week is important when it comes to work shoes. Always wear heels on Mondays. I like to go all out on my first day back at work after a couple of days off following a relaxing weekend. My go-to shoes would be the iconic Diane Von Furstenberg Ines Pumps.

I like to wear flats the next day after wearing heels. A break in flats is usually necessary for me because I spend a significant part of my day standing. I wear a pair of leather loafers at least once a week. This pair of Hispanitas is my favorite since the one-inch heel is the ideal height, especially if you spend a lot of time standing.

Loafers are Essential for Business Casual

Madewell’s loafers are my favorite for business casual attire. I own several pairs of Madewell jeans, as well as Madewell sneakers. And their shoes are amazing! I adore their Reid shoes in particular.

On Fridays, I pull out my fun shoes. When compared to the other days of the week, Friday is usually the day at work when you can be a little more yourself.

There are so many women business casual shoes available. So why settle with just one or two pairs of shoes for the office? Go wild with your shoes!