Female Professional Headshots For a Boss-Lady Look

Many women want the best female professional headshots to make them look in charge. Now you can stop worrying! This article will help you get ready for your best headshot session.

Top 10 Female Professional Headshots – Tips

1. Your Clothing Shouldn’t Take Attention Away From Your Face

Female Professional Headshots

Don’t draw focus away from that stunning smile with bright colors, complicated patterns, or multicolored tops. You can still wear printed tops, but consider covering up the print with a blazer, cardigan or some kind of wrap. If you must wear a color that’s bright or a truly striking design, consider easing off with a fitted sweater or even a blazer over the top.

2. What You Shouldn’t Wear to Your Headshot

In general, cherry reds, hot pinks, and most “neon” hues do not photograph well and tend to draw attention away from your face. However, a darker or more subdued version of those colors would look fantastic.

Unless they are appropriate for your brand, you should generally steer clear of most “in-your-face” colors because they can be distracting. And make sure you wear a jacket or sweater if you really want to wear a super bright color underneath it. If you have to wear patterns or colors that are too distracting worn alone, a basic plain jacket will make you look amazing.

3. It’s best to choose form-fitting pieces!

In order to prevent adding visual mass, always prepare for figure-hugging clothing. Choose clothing that is tailored to your waist or just below the breast, even if you’re not crazy about your curves.

Oversized or heavy apparel just makes you appear bulky in pictures. Expect me to arrange your clothing into shape before we begin photography if you arrive at your headshot session wearing only huge, boxy, oversized clothing options.

4. Think Over Your Colors Carefully

Consider wearing your business colors, could be simply a necklace if they’re essential to you. If you are politically active or want your campaign photo to be your headshot, you might wish to dress in a color representing your political party.

The most important thing is to wear colors that you feel amazing in and that flatter you. The main goal is to ensure that you look fantastic, after all. If you’re unsure of your best color choices, think about your skin tone.

Wearing colors that are too similar to your skin tone is generally not a good idea because the contrast is what draws the eye. Therefore, those having light skin generally should steer clear of beige tops, while those with darker skin should generally avoid brownish tones.

And those with really fair skin should definitely steer clear of pastel pink or bright white. Avoid wearing colors in red, pink, or orange if your skin has a lot of red in it since they can accentuate reddish tones.

Dark-skinned women typically look stunning in saturated, vibrant colors. A white layer (or one one light in color) is a terrific way to bring out rich skin tones via contrast, especially if you want to choose to wear a blazer or even a darker jacket. Most people look amazing in dark neutrals like grey, navy, and black.

Remember that these are just suggestions and not absolutes. Just make sure to pick colors you like and feel stunning wearing! Another excellent trick is using Jewel tones, which are generally always a good choice, regardless of skin tone!

5. Search for Attractive Necklines

Female Professional Headshots black

A crew-neck top isn’t the best look for the majority of women. Crew necks don’t cut your neck in the most aesthetically appealing way – they’re associated with men’s T-shirts. You can wear something better for a headshot!

A scoop-neck style will visually lengthen the neck. Simply check that your shirt’s shoulder seams are on your shoulders and not hanging down your arms unless that is part of the design.

6. Consider Layers

To add visual interest, layer on a slim-fit knit cardigan, jacket, or blazer in a complementing or contrasting color. You might always test some images with and without your jacket or sweater to determine what you like. Always bring more options than you need with you!

7. Avoid Wearing Cap Sleeves

Your upper arms will be highlighted and will appear larger because of the way cap sleeves are on the broadest area of your arms. Wearing 3/4 sleeves always makes you slimmer and more attractive. Sleeveless tops look fantastic whether worn with layers to thin the arms or alone on toned arms.

Special advice for white females with pale skin:

If your upper arms are noticeably paler than your chest, neck or face your arms will detract facial attention. I guarantee that you’ll look at your shots, and pasty upper arms are all you’ll see.

Therefore, don’t wear sleeveless clothing is recommended for most. Consider wearing a jacket, cardigan, or wrap to hide your upper arms if you have a stunning sleeveless dress but don’t care to show them off.

8. Spice It Up with Textures

Lace, ruffles, beading, sequins, and ruching are examples of textures that add aesthetic appeal. Look for clothing with texture and simple designs or basic colors. Avoid crowded designs that may draw attention away from your face.

Additionally, you can add uniqueness by selecting a necklace that complements the contours of your neckline (see tip #5 for additional information on necklines).

9. Dress In a Brand Friendly Style With Appropriate Categories

If you want to project a really professional image, you could wear a blazer or even a power suit. Consider wearing grey over black or even navy. Use a lot of textures, unusual jewelry, and fun colors if it’s more whimsical.

Consider wearing something casual, such as a basic v-neck or fitting sweater, if it’s fun and playful. And if your company’s brand is a little edgy, you can go with a leather jacket, and don’t be shy about displaying your tattoos.

If suitable, think about donning several of your trademark colors or using them to accent your jewelry or accessories. Additionally, if you work for a clothing company, you should obviously wear that logo in your headshot.

10. Avoid Wearing a Plain White Dress Shirt With Buttons!

In photographs, wearing a dress shirt (usually white) by itself rarely enhances one’s appearance. Therefore, button-down shirts should always be worn with something different to give energy and avoid the monotonous color.

A tailored sweater, jacket or even blazer would be ideal. The same might be said with a couple of long, bulky necklaces; that or a thin scarf or handkerchief tied in a knot.

Bonus Tip

When Should Your Headshot Be Update?

It’s time to update your female professional headshots every few years or whenever your hairstyle changes, whichever comes first! So,  you know it’s time for an update for your female professional headshots if you get a haircut, like changing from black to blonde or getting an altogether different haircut. Also, if since your last headshot your hair has grown, then it’s time to update, too!

Additionally, you should update any time you noticeably lose or gain weight or if you have any big facial surgery such as a facelift, nose job, or cheek implant. The idea is that you should be easy to recognize in a crowd, even if a people have viewed your headshot but never connected with you in person.

Being told, “You don’t look like your headshot!” by someone is the worst thing that can happen.