How To Make A New Cash App Account After Your First One

Users of Cash App frequently wonder how to make a new cash app account and, if so, how to go about doing so. The process of setting up a second account will be covered in this article. You will also understand how to create a new account using the same number.

Creating a second account is not uncommon. Most people would undoubtedly prefer to manage their financial activities using various Cash App accounts. This is based on how quick and simple financial transactions are now because of Cash App.

You can use Cash App to manage your personal and corporate accounts. You will need to set up a second account when this is required in order to manage it more conveniently. Let’s have a look at the requirements for setting up a second account before learning how to do it.

A Cash App account can make transactions totaling $7500 per week. This means that if you want to transact more than that, you’ll need to open a new account. The amount that can be transacted by an account at one time depends on these conditions.

Requirements for Creating Another Account

The requirements for opening a second account on Cash App are the same as for the first one. However, you will need a different email address, phone number, and bank account number for your second account. Other requirements are all the same.

How To Make Your Second Account

The following are the steps for creating a second Cash App account:

  1. Launch the Cash App app on your smartphone.
  2. Select the Profile icon to sign out of your current account.
  3. You will be sent to the sign-in page. 
  4. Tap the Sign-up button at the bottom to create a new account.
  5. Type in your new phone number or email address (which should differ from the one connected to the first account).
  6. Verify the phone number or email.
  7. Choose your country.
  8. Select if the account is personal or business.
  9. Enter your bank account information, debit card number, and CVV code.
  10. Fill up your personal details in the sections provided.
  11. Finish the procedure by following the on-screen directions to create a new account. 
  12. And that is how you create a second account on Cash App.

Is a New Bank Account Required to Open Up a Second Account?

Yes, a new bank account is required to open a second account. This is because you can’t open two Cash App accounts without a new bank account. When you register for another account, you will also enter your current information in addition to the new bank account.

How Do You Create a New Cash App Account With the Same Phone Number?

Please keep in mind that having several accounts with the same phone number is against CashApp’s terms of service. It is suggested that you close your current account before starting a new one.

But the choice is yours. Please take note that if you don’t want to enter a new phone number, you should not link your current phone number to the new account. As an alternative, while registering, you must enter a different email address.

You can now create a second Cash App account without using a new phone number. Do not use the same phone number for two Cash App accounts.