GBC Business Group Calls

GBC Business Group Calls, or GB Collects, is a a business that acts as a debt collector. Many consumer has complained about this company. Their complaints were related to debt harassment at various legal offices. Learn more about them, who they actually are, and how to avoid them in the future.

More Information On GB Collects?

GB Collects or GBC is a company established in New Jersey that focuses on collecting commercial debt. The company has received complaints from customers stating that they violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

The violation includes usage of prohibited communication techniques and collecting debts that didn’t exist. If you ever been approached by the company about delinquent financial obligations, make sure your rights aren’t violated.

Is GBC a Real Company?

GBC is a real company. According to the BBB, GB Collects, LLC was founded and established in 2001. The BBB published some information about GBC in 2004. The Better Business Bureau classifies GBC as a collecting agency. According to Buzzfile, GBC’s annual revenue is approximately $5 million, and it has 45 employees working at the company headquarters.

On their website, GBC claims to “have been successfully collecting debts for over ten years.” GBC employs “well-trained people to build a feeling of urgency in delinquent customers, causing them to pay up fast.” GBC claims that its skilled employees can impress anyone or any clients thanks to their high efficiency.

They also claim that the company can do other things as well, but it chooses to specialize in debt collecting.

GBC claims that its clients include:

  • Insurance companies.
  • Environmental services companies.
  • Real estate companies.
  • Property and casualty insurers.
  • Transportation companies.
  • Wholesale and distribution companies.

According to their website, GBC services include:

  • Online debt collection service available 24/7.
  • Crystal Reports which is available 24/7.
  • Phone interaction.
  • Using a “fast-trac” collection method.
  • Demand letters.
  • A collection of business credit products.
  • A variety of payment methods are available, including check by mail, phone, fax, and ACH.

GBC Business Group Calls also states that they also direct collection services, personalized collection letters, litigation management, and collection training workshops. However, we have found no links nor references on their website regarding consumer protection laws, resources, or any enforcement organizations.

Can GBC Sue Me?

Just to be clear, no debt collectors have the right to sue anyone or even garnish anyone’s salary. Anyone who threatens you to do that is just throwing away empty threats. I am also sure that GBC will not sue you for something that doesn’t exist.

However, just know that many debt collectors are famous for forcing debtors to the judges. If something bad happens to you, please contact your attorney immediately. Even better if you do that before a debt collection company like GBC contacts you.

Examples of Customer Complaints

Here are some examples of complaints from people in the past.

This is a Complaint From 2018

A person received a letter from GBC that says the company is contacting them with a purpose. In the letter, GBCclaimed that the person had an unsettled debt from awhile ago. They contested their claim and demanded physical proof of the debts.

GBC failed to give proof of the debt. The complainant also claimed that they were unemployed but still had Medicaid. They phoned their former boss and had their insurance canceled. So they were sure that they owed nothing at that time.

But it didn’t stop there. GBC never stopped contacting him through phone calls and letters. The company didn’t stop harassing the complainant after that.

A Complaint From 2019

A person has failed a complaint in 2019, saying that GBC contacted him and harassed him about a debt. He claimed that he didn’t owe any debts at that time, but that didn’t stop GBC at all.

At first, GBC accused him of not paying a month’s worth of an insurance charge. However, the complainant claimed that he ended his insurance a while ago, so he had nothing to do with the insurance company. He also added that he had sent a physical proof to convince them that he owed nothing.

Yet again, GBC Business Group Calls continued to harass the complainant despite having nothing that can back up that said debt. They continued to bother him via telephone calls. The funny thing is that GBC also said that they admitted it was their mistake due to a misunderstanding on their part.

A Complaint From 2018

A woman was contacted by GBC about her husband’s debt as a result of a medical bill from 2017. GBC claimed that the couple didn’t have coverage or therapy at the time. The complainant told GBC that it wasn’t true. GBC didn’t back down and kept scaring her by telling her that she was going to get in trouble later.

She then pressed GBC by asking them about the social security number on the medical, but they couldn’t provide it. GBC also ignored the mistake on their part and kept calling her house number. At some point, the complainant just stopped responding to the phone calls.