Chanel Business Affinity Bag Review – An Underrated Bag?

In this blog, you will find my Chanel Business Affinity review. Do you think this bag is really underrated, as many people have said? Although the Chanel BA bag isn’t widely praised online, we think it’s a great top Chanel handbag to purchase.

While there is no update on whether the bag is going to come out every season, Chanel often releases a new bag in most seasons. It’s a classic-type bag without really being one. The bags will be thoroughly reviewed here, with information on their features, sizes, benefits, drawbacks, and the new prices in the current year.

The Business Affinity’s Features

The Chanel BA bag has many similarities with classic handbags made by Chanel. Previously, the bag’s flap was smooth, and its front was quilted. Now, it features a quilted flap. It also features the classic lock feature. You can also see that the trap is composed of metal interlaced with leathery material and has an additional leather section that makes it comfortable to carry around. We really like the top handle, the single large pocket, and the external pocket with zipper that is visible when the bag is opened.

Chanel BA Sizes

This handbag is available in two sizes: small and medium. A backpack version of it is now available, though not always in every collection. The bags faced a price hike in 2022, although they remain one of the more affordable options of this brand.

By counting the small quilts, you can tell the difference between the sizes of the quilts at a look. The small, also known as the mini, has one quilt made of diamond on the lock, also another one quilt that is almost complete.

On the other hand, the medium size has two quilts full of diamonds on the sides of the lock and the start of a quilt. The small handbag looks like a micro size, while the medium can hold many various items.

The Small Business Affinity

The Small Size Business Affinity

As previously stated, the small Chanel BA looks like a micro bag. It looks really close to the bigger medium size and has all of the same functionality. It’s just tinier and better suited for people who like minimalism. Try not to put any dirt on the fabric, because cleaning it is difficult. It works nicely as a cross-body bag and may also be carried by holding the top side of the handle.

The Small Rectangular and the tiny Business Affinity are actually extremely comparable. This handbag will hold the following items:

  • A cardholder
  • A mobile phone
  • Lipsticks
  • Mask
  • Gum
  • Keys

Flexibility: We believe the small bag is highly adaptable because you can wear it in three different ways: cross-body, over the shoulder, and from the top side of the handle. You can wear it all day and night. In addition, it is made with robust and durable material, so you won’t have to worry about the bag’s durability.

Price in 2022: The Chanel BA Bags’ pricing has just risen in 2022 as expected. The small bag has increased in price to $4600. It’s incredible that this bag was significantly cheaper before. If you want to save money, look to the second-hand market. However, even the pre-owned market seems to hold the price quite well.

Medium-sized Business Affinity Bag

For those who want to have their basic and essential items ready anytime, and a little more on a daily basis, the medium size is for you. The bag includes a lot of storage for a small size, including a pocket in the front, two pockets inside (with and without a zipper), and a rear pocket. It’s great that you can put a smartphone comfortably in the rear pocket.

As already noted, this bag is perfect for carrying around on a daily basis. It definitely holds more items than the small one, but the size is not too big that it feels cumbersome. The following items can be loaded inside:

  • Mini hand sanitizer and mask. 
  • A mobile phone.
  • Keys.
  • A small wallet or cardholder.
  • A case of sunglasses
  • Small makeup pouch

Flexibility: The medium bag, like the mini, is a multifunctional handbag. You can wear it in three different ways: cross-body, over the shoulder, and from the top side of the handle. It is also suitable for nighttime adventures, inclding a big gala, because this bag appears elegant.

Price: In 2022, the medium bag is more expensive now, costing $4900, really close to $5,000.

Price and Size Comparison for Chanel BA


Their Benefits and Drawbacks

What We Love About It

  1. It’s a fantastic multi-functional bag! Chanel’s bags are frequently problematic in length, but both sizes function well.
  2. It is available in caviar! This bag doesn’t need to be over-cared for. You can wear it carelessly.
  3. It is one of more affordable products from Chanel. And it does have many classic features.
  4. Incredible pockets in the back that can hold items like a phone.
  5. You don’t need to be concerned about dirt getting on the bag’s bottom because the bottom side has feet.
  6. You can wear it cross-body, over the shoulder, or from the top side of the handle.

What We Don’t Like About It

  1. It isn’t a Chanel classic. As a result, if they decide to stop selling this bag, its value may also get lower on the second-hand market, or the opposite, it could actually gain value; we’ll never know for sure.
  2. Chanel initially produced the BA with leather material, but they later altered it to a fabric interior. We believe the internal leather should have been preserved, given the price Chanel asks.
  3. There have been complaints that this bag occasionally flop over, especially when it contains larger items in the front space.

Price Hike in 2022

The BA has gotten more expensive in 2022. The revised pricing for small is $4600, while the medium is $4900.

After reading the review, what do you think of the Chanel’s Business Affinity bags? Do you think they’ll become classics in the future? Do you like them? Please let us know!