How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals?

You’re here because you are wondering “How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals?” Google Ads can help your business by improving brand awareness. Google Ads can also drive sales in-app, online, in person, and over the phone.

A lot of business owners are anxious before facing the Google Analytics exam. Then they start asking if Google Ads can really help their business or not. In general, Google Ads has three benefits, such as:

  • Influencing consideration of your offerings
  • Driving sales over multiple channels as listed above
  • Building brand awareness

Further explanation of Google Ads

Google Ads is able to improve brand awareness because it can target specific users based on various data, such as search history and demographic data. Your ads can reach new audiences thanks to Google Ads. As long as new users meet the right criteria, they can see your ads.

As you may already know, brand awareness is important when targeting the upper-level part of your sales funnel. During this stage, people who are looking for information will get the information they are looking for. Your ad can be the solution to their problem, but people won’t be ready to make a purchase yet.

However, by getting in front of the users at this stage and providing them with the answer to their questions, you build trust and relationship ­­­­– nurturing new audience. This is also an important step to prepare new users when they start moving down the funnel and becoming more and more prepared to buy.

Driving sales

Google Ads can drive sales in various ways. When people are more prepared to make a purchase, it will provide them with a route to a solution that you’ve prepared. At this point, customers will be in the conversion stage of the sales funnel.

It is crucial that your ads are the first thing people see when they start their journey online. When this happens, you can expect your sales to increase both in-person and online. Don’t forget to include your phone number and address in your ads to increase in-person and over-the-phone sales. A link to your websites would do great here as well.

Consideration of your services and products

Next, Google Ads can influence the consideration of your services and products. Google can achieve this by showing your ad units to specific people who are already familiar with your brand and are looking for solutions that your brand can provide.

Usually, Google will also target people who have visited or searched your website within the last 30 days. These users will see your offerings and compare them to your competitors. This is how Google Ads can influence people when choosing a specific service or product.


We’ve now answered “How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals?” If you want to start running Google Ads for your business, please consider the benefits first. You can also avoid wasting your time and resource by letting Google does its job. Hiring a professional could also help you save more money and time by letting them set it up for you. The final step is measuring the performance of your ad units and taking actions that can help you reach your online marketing goals.