What Asset Do You Need To Build A Remarketing List?

Many people are asking the question “what asset do you need to build a remarketing list” on the internet. This is one of the questions after deciding that business marketing is a good career path to follow. The answer to this question is Custom Segment.

According to what people have said about the Google Analytics Exam is that this question is rather common. It is usually phrased like this, “What asset is used to build a remarketing list?” Then you will be presented with these options:

  • Custom Report
  • Custom Dimension
  • Custom Segment
  • Custom Metric

More explanation on how to build a remarketing list

When you’re trying to build a remarketing list, you can use custom segments to help you understand your audience better. Ultimately, you will also learn who is the best fit for your remarketing campaign.

Let’s say that you are operating an e-commerce store, and you noticed that your customers had added an item to their carts. However, you also noticed that they didn’t make a purchase after that.

So this group of customers is ideal for a remarketing campaign as they are close to making a purchase but didn’t at the last minute. You may only need to push the customers a bit more to reignite the purchase intent. Targeting this group with free shipping, discounts, and other promotional material will definitely improve your page’s conversion rate.

This is why Custom Segments are useful for separating your customer base. Now you can cater to each individual group depending on their needs.