Social Media Marketing

First: What is Social Media?

"Social Media" is a way for people to interact and communicate online. Over the last 10 years we have seen a surge in the popularity and amount of social media sites. The reason why it is called social media is because users engage in a social context. The number of social media users has sky rocketed over the last several years, because the non-technical users are now able to easily create content within just a few clicks. There are numerous ways to engage and be active in the social media world. Statistics show that close to 80 % of online adults use social media.

Position Your Business For Social Selling


Social media is not a fad. For businesses the shift in web consumerism, along with the increase in social media usage presents huge opportunities. The amount of pure data that social media allows for should have savvy business owners licking their lips. However, the real magic lies in the opportunity to leverage lasting and scalable relationships with your brands customer base through social media. Just as customer behaviors are shifting so are the business owners responsibilities. Customers expectations are changing, whether your business is listening and engaging or not, is up to you.

Second: Why Does Your Company Need Social Media Marketing Services?

It doesn't matter if you are running a small or large business. The statistics speak for themselves, your customers are online. They are interacting with friends on social channels, they are searching for brand information, recommendations, and entertainment. Your competitors are there, and if your business is not around you will miss out on your market share of potential business. Creating an online social relationships with the consumer are  more important to your bottom line now than it has ever been. Those relationships turn into your greatest marketing asset, and consumer advocates. The goal; to create an army of consumer advocates for your business and/or brand.

The 3 Key Areas to Social Media Marketing

1. Social Media Branding

Social - Media - Branding

Social media branding is having a consistent, identifiable, professional message across the most powerful social media platforms. It is important to properly set up your social media accounts, and to optimize your accounts with the best keywords & message. They say "You only get one chance to leave a first impression.", and that is very true. Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, just to name a few of the hundreds that are out there. Your business now has the opportunity to build a viral and powerful brand very quickly, and efficiently. There are over a billion users of social media, with that in mind social branding is a key ingredient to maximizing your businesses growth potential.

2. Social Engagement Strategy

Social media engagement - piechart


What is social media engagement? It simply means getting your fans or followers to do something in response to your posts (i.e. Likes, Comments, Clicking to open picture, Shares, or Clicking on a link). These are all types of engagement, and every time this is done sites like Facebook measure the results. With engagement comes popularity, brand awareness, more people who see your businesses posts, and more sales. Our company helps your business create a engagement strategy and campaign that will cause prospective customers to actually read your posts, and share them with their friends. We also have proprietary tools that will actually monitor the engagement you are getting on each social network, so you can respond according to the data your social media activity produces. This is very powerful because, knowing your stats helps your business to do the things that count, so your business is not wasting money in the wrong areas. Social  media without engagement is truly a lost cause, so make sure to hire a team of professionals who knows how to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

3. Social Media Management


Social media networking is a very important aspect of business marketing, and managing it all can be overwhelming. Social media interactions can quickly become time and labor intensive to track and manage. Our social media management solution, helps your business manage, and schedule your online social interactions in a more efficient manner. We help you to consolidate how you listen to, and participate in conversations in the social media arena. Social media management helps you monitor what people are saying about your business. We help you automate the process of delivering your engagement strategy campaigns through multiple social media outlets at the same time. This helps amplify your businesses social media presence across several social media sites. Social media management helps relieve you of the stresses of having so many social media options, it puts everything in one place for you, and helps increase business productivity.